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Updated: 15th sept 2016.

Financial Independence
and Retire Early

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the journey of a dutch gambler.

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Graphs & slider has been updated with my daily progress: About

mr MB

Boom.. updated my P2P lending, first month over 50 euro.. (since my start in june). Up to the 100 euro!

mr MB

Graphs & slider has been updated with my daily progress: Home

The progress of Peer-2-Peer lending

Currently i have focused the investments primarily into Twino. Returns are above 10%, which are better than stocks, shares or dividends. And with less risk (buyback guarantee on the loans).

September graph


Well, as you can see above, this is the second version (within three months) of It is a site which shows my road to independence. Using different form of passive or side-income in order to progress to an early retirement.


Earned by P2P

Here are the list of some of our best clients

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