As part of my NYE resolutions for 2019 i decided to do 3 projects in 2019. Several options are possible, and in this post i summarize them for future reference and/or inspiration, this would increase the memory space on phone due to all the open websites:

  • Nixie-clock: (1)(2)(3)(4)
  • Rebuild of my computer
  • Smart mirror with rasperry Pi: (1)(2)(3)(4)
  • Bedroom project
  • Desklamp: (1)
  • Charger for phone/smartwatch:  (1)
  • Ferrofluid clock
  • Finish and keep regular updates on the website.

I am now tempted to do the nixie-clock, which would be a nice way to get extra light into the study – hereby preventing the need for a desklamp, the rebuild of my computer (it is an old beast ready to retire) and the bedroom project. But i also like the experimenting with the smart mirror, but have no direct use for it. And allthough the last on the list is part of a project – the point is rather moot – if i dont succeed, you will know. And i wont give any updates on the other projects.

Will keep this post updated in 2019 with new inspiration, new progress report and hopefully some great results.