After testing the decks, the next selection will be in the ladder competition. Here, over 40 games the best decks are selected for the other events. During the 40 games, decks are allowed to make changes. Which will be discussed on the reason, however if more then 8 cards are changed, the deck is demoted and has to restart the competition.

In this list there are a few decks which are more fun then efficient. I love playing mill decks, opponents don’t. It has one win-condition, milling the deck of the opponent. They wont often win in ladder – and win regularly in the testing phase.

Constructed League (Bo3) 2018

PosTeamWinsLossesWin %Points
2Death by Fungi4180.08
3Bibe sanguinem recocoto30100.06
5Blue Milling [2]1325.02
6Tedious Mill1420.02
7Eyes Red000.00
7Powered White000.00